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Terms & Conditions

Anyone can register with The Bayside Mailer via our website or enter any giveaway draws on our social media pages as long as you are 18 years and over and you have a valid Australian postcode (and you are an Australian resident).  It is your responsibility to inform us if your details change.

You can unsubscribe to The Bayside Mailer at any time by contacting us to let us know (or choosing the unsubscribe button at the bottom of EDM’s and follow the prompts).

If you enter a giveaway draw and win, The Bayside Mailer will advise you by email or direct message on socials depending on the way the giveaway is set up. We also list the winners details on our website (First Name and postcode) if you are the winner of one of our giveaways, it is your responsibility to contact us with the instructions in that email or direct message to claim your prize.  If The Bayside Mailer does not hear back from you in 24 hours, the prize will go back into the pool and be drawn again. Please note: If you are the winner of one of our giveaways, you are not permitted to on sell in any way, this would void your prize.  Winners are selected via random draw.

As above, The Bayside Mailer will have giveaways via socials (Instagram and Facebook) where you do not have to register via website. If you are the winner of one of these draws, you will be notified by direct message through Instagram or Facebook and again, first name and postcode listed on our website via Winners link on the homepage.

We understand that your personal information is private and will not disclose any of your details to any third party under any circumstances. By registering with The Bayside Mailer you will receive an email from us up to 3 times a month with information on what’s happening and a reminder of giveaways.

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