Have a look through the tasting notes on these beautiful King Island Dairy Cheeses, you will get an idea of pairings and what to serve these with.  Highly recommend popping down to your local supermarket to buy some to try, they are absolutely delicious.



Furneaux Double Cream

Furneaux is a rich double cream cheese with an ultra-smooth texture that is made in the French style and was named after Captain Tobias Furneaux, who accompanied James Cook on his expeditions around Tasmania.

Tasting Notes:

King Island Dairy Furneaux is a soft centred double cream cheese with the delicate aroma of sweet, jersey milk and fresh hay.  Its well-developed white coat crumples with maturity revealing a lustrous centre that is like whipped butter when fully ripe. Furneaux has a rich melting quality on the tongue with a concentrated sweet butter flavour.

Did You Know?

Double Cream cheeses do not contain double the amount of fat. It means they are made with milk that is higher in butterfat which gives the cheese its creaminess.




Roaring Forties Blue

Roaring Forties is a full flavoured blue with a rich mouthfeel and sweet, slightly fruity character. It is named after the infamous Roaring Forties gales that frequently whip around the Island at more than 100km per hour.

Tasting Notes:                                                                                                                                  

King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue has a moist, crumbly, creamy yellow centre with sage green-yellow veins.

After cutting, exposure to oxygen changes the colour of the mould back to a brighter blue. It has a full bodied flavour with caramel and roasted pear notes and a savoury, fruity after taste.

Did You Know?

Blue cheese was said to have been discovered by accident centuries ago when a fresh cheese left in a cool, moist cave developed into a piquant Blue that was deemed very good to eat!




Phoques Cove Camembert

Phoques Cove Camembert is a mild, buttery Brie made using traditional techniques. It is named after the cove located on the north-western tip of King Island.

Tasting Notes:                                                                                                                                  

Phoques Cove Camembert has a powdery white mould and buttery yellow centre that bulges in the middle when mature. It has a sweet milk aroma and mild, buttery cauliflower flavour, which leaves a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Did You Know?

Although similar to Brie, Camembert was popularised in the village of Camembert in Normandy, France and was first made in a small round, whereas Brie was made in a larger wheel.



Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar

A naturally smoked matured cheese with a deep smoky ham aroma and creamy cheddar bite.  This cheddar is named after Stokes Point, the most southern tip of the island that is closest to Tasmania.

Tasting Notes:                                                                                                                                                  

King Island Dairy Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar has a slightly pliable texture and moist, creamy mouthfeel with a flavour that combines the bite of a matured cheddar with smoked ham and the slightest touch of soy.

Did You Know?

Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar is triple cold-smoked in the King Island smokehouse with a blend of Tasmanian hardwoods including blackwood, dogwood, myrtle and a bit of gum.

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