Bayside’s Newest And Most Stylish SUV

LEVANTE – The Maserati of SUVs

With life being so busy between work, house, kids etc. it’s hard to find time for yourself and plan a really fun day out, but we really do need to make the effort now and then, and that we did!

The Bayside Mailer recently spent a few days driving the Levante, the all new SUV by Maserati and given this opportunity, a great day out was required.  Thought process was… Italian style, dream car, City, shopping, lunch.  What else right?

Having this amazing car for a few days was very exciting for the children and kids being kids, the favourite car feature for them was being able to wave their leg under the back of the car to open the boot without keys – also great for mum who usually gets stuck carrying all the school bags.

So kids dropped off at school, time to pick up a girlfriend and head into the City (along the Beach of course) for our day out.  Being a beautiful day we didn’t need the front seat heating on, we just opened the full panorama electric sunroof and pumped the tunes – on the Bowers & Wilkins 17 speaker surround sound system no less.

You know when you stay at a really nice hotel and everything is just beautiful and luxe?  The furniture, linen, art, service?  Well this is the 6 star hotel of cars.  Maserati partnered with Ermenegildo Zegna, one of the world’s leading luxury menswear brands and producer of luxury fabrics to fit out this car.  The door panels, the roof lining, the sun shades and even the silk inserts on the seats – all Zegna!

After a spot of shopping we headed to Tipo 00 for lunch.  Tipo 00 is a beautiful little restaurant in Little Bourke Street who are famous for showcasing their passion for Italian food, pasta and beverage and they do it exceptionally well.

We went for the Chef’s Tasting which included all sorts of delicious meals including 2 entrees, 2 mains and a dessert and matched wines, if you so desire (only sips for me).  You get to experience an array of delicious Italian cuisine.  You can read more about Tipo 00 on our website but this little gem is definitely a place you need to visit.  Make sure you book ahead as they are always busy.

Tummies and minds full and content, we headed back to Bayside after a lovely day.  Last stop, closer to home and to really cap off our day of all things Italian, a trip to La Svolta in Hampton Street, they do an amazing Affogato.

All in all, a wonderful day and really, what would we say is the quintessential Bayside vehicle?  It’s definitely an SUV and probably either Range Rover, X5, GLE?  The Maserati Levante is comparable in price so if you are in this market, you need to take a test drive!



Maserati Levante

The perfect car for families (especially Mum). It oozes Italian style with that instantly recognisable Maserati grille. Amazing features and no detail has been spared.  Safe, sporty and four-wheel-drive.

Last thing to note – For those of you that associate speed and that distinguishable car ‘hum’ with Maserati, this car also covers those bases. Husband = happy.

Tipo 00

Leave the kids at home. Tipo 00 is the perfect little restaurant for any lunch, dinner or special occasion.  Definitely recommend the Chef’s Tasting Menu with paired wines. Won’t disappoint, go hungry and book ahead.

361 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

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