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The Australian Running Convention – “Running 360” – Saturday October 8, 2016

The Australian Running Convention  is proud to bring to you “Running 360”

What is Running 360?

It is an intensive workshop style day where you will learn from qualified experts, leading professionals and specialists in the Australian running scene, to master your running, whatever your level.

It’s called 360 because it’s just that, a 360 degree view on where you are and where you would like to be in your running journey. Beginner to advanced.

It’s  not a day of generic seminar speakers. We have the best running experts and professionals that are masters in their respective fields. They work with some of the country’s elite athletes and sporting organisations and they are at your disposal. You will gain not only the insights in the sport of running, but the ability to specifically tailor a program to your ambition.

Trigger that fire in your belly,  no matter the goal,  be it to go faster, further, get leaner or stronger or just to run free,  then this is a day you will not want to miss.

Roll up your sleeves in this action orientated , inspirational and informative day.

Running 360 includes:

•       Immersion into all aspects of running, catering for all levels of experience

•       A 12 week running program designed from scratch expertly coached and guided by our         team of leading running experts, including pace, distances, nutrition, strength and                             conditioning etc.

•       Your very own planning  journal, where you will create your very own action plan

•       Running sessions

•       Nutritional and hydration requirements

•       Strength exercises  to keep running strong, in distance or pace

•       Learn stretching  techniques to keep you injury free

•       Morning tea, afternoon tea and Lunch provided

•       Whole lot of fun with other like-minded  Running 360 Tribe members!

Leave the day with all the tools to be a mean, lean, running machine

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