Give your children the gift of creativity with a beautiful journal keepsake that inspires the imagination and encourages thought and discussion.  Also a fun guide to incorporate adventure.

The Bayside Mailer has put together a book/journal/keepsake, perfect for kids (4+ & young teenagers would also enjoy).  The book is a 60 page soft cover with thought and activity based prompts and is a special place to put thoughts/drawings down.  A perfect and thoughtful gift.  Each copy also comes with a 20% off voucher for an unlimited ride pass at Luna Park!

Page examples include:

  • “I can draw or write about why it is important to be kind to people”
  • “I can draw or write about the stars in the sky and a star constellation I know of”
  • “I can draw or write about a time I had to solve a problem’


ONLY $5 (plus $3 postage) – ORDER NOW by emailing us on the address below and I will pop it in the mail.

Please email us at info@thebaysidemailer.com.au with your name and mobile number and we will get in contact with you to organise payment otherwise please purchase below via EBAY link.

Because The Bayside Mailer doesn’t have an online store, we have had to set up an EBAY account. Please click through to purchase below 🙂

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